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Welcome to the Selley and Witt family genealogy pages. This is the family tree of Kathryn Selley and Mark Selley and also their children. Kathryn and Mark are the children of Philip Selley and Jacqueline Witt.

Many years of work have been put into the research, documentation and presentation of these ancestors. I hope you enjoy browsing the information I have gathered here.

Thank you to those of you who have contributed to the tree. I will be pleased to correct or add any missing or additional information. Please send me any stories and photos that may be of interest to the family.

Most birth, marriage and death certificates have been sourced for the 7th, 8th and 9th generations. A few of the family lines go back 15, 16 or 17 generations to the mid 1500s and early 1600s. There are over 2500 individuals in the tree. To date there are 448 direct ancestors and 194 unique ancestor lines of Kathryn and Mark

Please let me know if you notice any errors or inaccuracies or indeed if you have any information to add. Finally, please DO NOT trust my research, or that of others included at this site. Only trust your own!

The first recorded spellings of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Seli, c. 1200 in Okehampton Parish records and also of Richard de Selleia, which was dated 1203

The names of the 16 great-great-grandparents of Kathryn and Mark Selley are:

* George Selley(b.1880 Sidmouth, Devon). A fisherman and in the Royal Navy who was killed in WW1, son of a shoemaker from Sidmouth in Devon.

* Isabella Nicholson (b.1883 North Shields, Northumberland). She was the daughter of a North Sea Fisherman and grew up in Aberdeen.

* Samuel Patterson Turnbull (b.1887 Tynemouth, Northumberland). A coal miner but whose father and grandfathers were mariners from Northumberland.

* Alice Reay (b.1888 Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland). She was the granddaughter of Irish and Italian immigrants.

* James Walter Clark (b.1891 Gateshead, Durham). A boiler maker descended from tile makers in North Northumberland and Cumberland.

* Margaret Moodie(b.1892 Gateshead, Durham). Her ancestors were Scottish and she was the granddaughter of Robert Moodie, a Newcastle and Gateshead Gas Works manager.

* Samuel William Riseborough (b.1866 Coltishal, Norfolk). A groom then a driver in Durham descended from Agricultural farmers who lost their Norfolk land in the 1870s.

* Mary Ann Colling (b.1870 Heworth, Durham). She came from several generations of Durham coal miners.

* George Henry Witt(b.1880 Islington, Middlesex). A GPO Telephone inspector, he was the son of a gold and silver engraver who's family before that were tailors. They came to London from the Isle of Wight.

* Mary Ethel Goodchild (b.1882 Islington, Middlesex). A tobacco stripper, the daughter of a french polisher and descended from Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire farm labourers.

* James William Hickman (b.1881 Kennilworth, Warwickshire). He was a fruit preserver in Kent but his ancestors were tanners from Warwickshire.

* Alice Hubbard (b.1881 Sittingbourne, Kent). She is descended from several generations of agricultural labourer and woodsman families from Kent.

* Herbert Fisher(b.1857 Peckham, London). A clock maker descended from a line that includes chemists and bookbinders of Surrey, London, Cheshire, Middlesex, and Kent.

* Josephine Hilda Williamson(b.1874 Scarborough, N Yorkshire). The Williamsons and ancestors were mariners and doctors from Scarborough.

* Frank Edwin Bennett (b.1862 Holywell, Flintshire). An accountant, the son of a civil engineer who's line descends from Somerset.

* Katharine Annie Palmer(b.1864 Caister, Lincolnshire). She is descended from land owners in Lincolnshire and cloth merchants of Yorkshire and Somerset.


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